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 The former entity of this Bureau was "Taiwan Province, Land Administration Bureau, Farmland Rezoning and Planning Headquarter" which was a temporary government institution. In cooperation with the provincial administration to implement a sound and intergral system of urban development and expand rezoning of city land, by instruction of the Taiwan Provincial Government, this institute was renamed "Taiwan Province Land Administration Bureau, Land Consolidation Engineering Headquarter" as of January 1st, 1975. With effect from the day of the new establishment, this Bureau has become a permanent government institute administrating land Consolidation affairs. The institute falls under the Taiwan Provincial Government. Land Administrative Bureau, which was a level 4 provincial institute of the Provincial Government. On July 1st 1979, by instruction, the Taiwan Provincial Government Land Administration Bureau was promoted to a level 2 provincial institute, and rename "Taiwan Provincial Government Land Administration Department". Concurrent with this change, the Headquarter was promoted to a level 3 provincial institute. With the enactment of Provincial Self-Governance Act on December 20th 1994, this institute was again promoted to a level 2 provincial Government, Land Administration Division. Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau. In coordination with the staffing adjustment plan of the Taiwan Provincial Government on July 1st 1999, this Bureau was renamed "Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau, Ministry of the Interior".